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Sarasota’s Stand Up Guys are the undeniable experts and “Junk Removal Gurus” in the city and surrounding communities like Bradenton, Palmetto, Englewood and more! Our team of professionals will assess your junk removal needs, get the unwanted items out of your home and haul away all the stuff that you don’t want around anymore, whether it’s household clutter, appliances, yard waste, debris or even furniture! If you’ve got junk taking up space in your home, the Stand Up Guys will remove it: We’ve seen a lot of junk, and have yet to encounter something we couldn’t take!

For unmatched customer service and pricing — in addition to our top-notch junk removal skills — you can truly count on us. We don’t just call ourselves Stand Up Guys; we really mean it! We do the job right, exactly like we say we will do, and we do it all on time with great, guaranteed prices — and absolutely NO surprises. With us, there is simply no junk left behind!

Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal Solutions
Junk Removal Solutions
The environment is important to us, just like it is to you and your family, which is why we take every step to recycle or donate the items we remove from our customers’ properties. We’re proud of our efforts to keep the community safe and clean by donating usable items back and recycling those that have seen better days.
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Appliance Removal Services for Kathryn Short

5 5 1
Stand Up Guys are the best! They came on time, junk removal was quick and easy, and they were all so friendly and nice. I would use them again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for easy and quick junk removal, look no further! These guys are seriously amazing.
Kathryn Short, Tampa,Fl

Yard Debris Removal Services for Don Maurer

5 5 1
the Stand Up Guys came to my house in Seminole, Florida and did an amazing job. In less than one hour they filled their truck with all the junk I had set out including 3 large couches, 5 TVs, and well over 40 bags of trash. All that and the cost was lower than any other quote I received from other companies by a large margin. Use them you will not be disappointed
Don Maurer, Tampa,Fl

Electronics Removal Services for Laura Lay

5 5 1
What a wonderful and needed service in the Tampa Bay area.I joked that they were "stand up guys" and then it turns out...they really are!They showed up on time, had a fair price and were ready to work...and worked HARD!I would use them again!
Laura Lay, Tampa,Fl

Household Junk Removal Services for John Barter0

5 5 1
Wonderful service! Christiaan and Ray came out to my house in Tampa this morning to remove an old TV and Couch that had been rotting away for years. They offered me a reasonable price and did all the work for me. I can't wait to recommend them to friends and family. Great work!
John Barter0, Tampa,Fl

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Haulin' & Ballin' Standupguys Junk Removal Truck

Haulin' & Ballin'

The Stand Up Guys Crew has transformed the junk removal industry here in Sarasota, turning what may have been an unpleasant, annoying and sometimes awkward task into something that the whole family can enjoy and celebrate. Think about it — instead of spending the whole weekend sweating and wrestling with junk removal, you can just sit back with a smile and watch us do what we do best. You don’t have to lift a finger, and you sure don’t have to break a sweat, either!

How did we find a way to revolutionize the industry? We looked around and listened to home and business owners like you. People want to get rid of their junk, and they love the idea of living without clutter. But doing the work necessary to achieve a junk-free space has always been an obstacle. With our amazing service, the hardest part of the process becomes as easy as 1,2,3!

Junk Bucket Dumpster

What if you’re one of those DIY-ers who wants to remove your junk on your own? Do you really have to rent an ugly, disgusting dumpster to get the job done? Not with the Junk Bucket from Stand Up Guys!

We’re proud of the Junk Bucket because it’s nothing like the typical, unsightly dumpster except for the fact that it can hold a lot of junk. The Junk Bucket is actually easy on the eyes, plus it’s clean and safe on your driveway, to boot! Do you have a DIY junk removal project looming on your calendar? Make it as easy as possible by calling us today to reserve your Junk Bucket!

Junk Bucket Dumpster